Walter Rodney’s revolutionary praxis: An interview with Devyn Springer

Popular educator Devyn Springer examines Walter Rodney's revolutionary theories, pedagogies, and struggles.

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Five imperialist myths about China’s role in Africa

Setting the stage for "great power confrontation" That China is a rising power is undeniable. Since its founding in 1949, the People’s Republic of China...

Train wreck exposes role of imperialism in Cameroon

On October 21, 2016, a train derailed in Cameroon killing at least 79 and injuring over 500 people. Heavy rain had washed out the road...

What’s behind Boko Haram massacre in Nigeria?

While this most recent tragedy did not gain the wattage of the killings at Charlie Hebdo, it does fit into the same narrative of "Islamic" insurgency presenting an existential threat to all people in Western countries.

What or who will #BringBackOurGirls?

Like many of the humanitarian crises in Africa that have become international campaigns, this situation has significant roots which Western military intervention cannot solve and will only exacerbate.

Nelson Mandela: Armed struggle and communism in the fight for freedom

Nelson Mandela, longtime leader of the African National Congress, and first Black president of South Africa, died quietly in his home December 5, after...

It was the CIA that helped jail Nelson Mandela

Today is Nelson Mandela's 95th birthday, but forget the crocodile tears from the U.S. government about his poor health. Imperialist diplomacy with all of its sugar-coated phrases is nothing more than a form of historical perjury.

Oppose the neocolonial French intervention in Mali!

“Without Africa, there will be no history of France in the 21st century.”—Former French President Francois Mitterand