Mumia Abu-Jamal: Militant journalism from behind enemy lines

This article accompanies Liberation School's new study guide for Mumia Abu-Jamal's book, Have Black Lives Ever Mattered? Mumia Abu-Jamal...

Reading Kelley’s “Hammer and hoe” as organizers today

"Hammer and Hoe" offers a list of lessons reflecting every stage of struggle, from initial community engagement to growth and success to defeat and decline.

Assata Shakur: The making of a revolutionary woman

From Assata’s story, we are able to learn what it means to be motivated by a deep love for the people and the struggle for freedom.

Walter Rodney’s revolutionary praxis: An interview with Devyn Springer

Popular educator Devyn Springer examines Walter Rodney's revolutionary theories, pedagogies, and struggles.

“George Jackson: Black Revolutionary,” by Walter Rodney

A 1971 article Walter Rodney wrote on George Jackson for a Tanzanian youth journal.

Study, fast, train, fight: The roots of Black August

“Black August” is honored every year to commemorate the fallen freedom fighters of the Black Liberation Movement, to call for the release of political prisoners in the United States, to condemn the oppressive conditions of U.S. prisons, and to emphasize the continued importance of the Black Liberation struggle.

Black struggle is class struggle: A 4-part PSL course

This PSL course focuses on Black Revolutionary History in the United States and its central role in the development of U.S. society today.

The revolutionary origins of Memorial Day and its political hijacking

What we now know as Memorial Day began as "Decoration Day" in the immediate aftermath of the U.S. Civil War. It was a tradition initiated by former slaves to celebrate emancipation and commemorate those who died for that cause.

From abolition to Title IX: Women’s fight for education

As women achieve more educational access, they can use the skills, lessons and tools that they learn to continue the struggle.

Lenin and the right of nations to self-determination

The formation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in 1922 brought together more than 120 distinct peoples, each with...