The U.S. agenda in Cuba remains counter-revolution

An historic victory for the Cuban people, a new phase in the struggle.

Cuba: ‘for families free of homophobia’

An interview with Mariela Castro The following interview by Dalia González Delgado originally appeared in Granma Internacional. Director of the National Sex Education Center (CENESEX) and...

A Marxist analysis of Cuba’s new economic reforms

It is more important than ever for communists, in general, and the Party for Socialism and Liberation, specifically, to state our position on the Cuban Revolution. The capitalist media, the government, legions of academics and think tank policy "experts" are busy at work defining the current stage of the Cuban Revolution, and assessing major political and economic pronouncements made by Cuba and its individual leaders in recent weeks.

Workers’ democracy in Cuba

In the United States, politicians of all stripes, along with the big-business media, routinely portray Cuba as an oppressive dictatorship. Cuban leader Fidel Castro...

The revolutionary role of women in Cuba

“Revolution within the Revolution.” This is what Cuba calls the struggle for women’s equality. This phrase is used because even though the social system and economic conditions in Cuba were fundamentally transformed by the revolution, social relations could not be completely changed overnight.

Defending Cuba’s socialist revolution

From the first day, the revolutionary leadership relied on the working class in the cities and the peasants in the countryside to defend the revolution and carry it forward.