Beyond the sprouts of capitalism: China’s early capitalist development and contemporary...

China’s early modern political economy provides a deeper understanding of their current socialist project.

Marxism, capitalism, and nature-society relations: An introduction

This articles examines the metabolic rift and the production of nature thesis, showing their importance for the environmental justice struggle.

Mumia Abu-Jamal: Militant journalism from behind enemy lines

This article accompanies Liberation School's new study guide for Mumia Abu-Jamal's book, Have Black Lives Ever Mattered? Mumia Abu-Jamal...

Class: The legacy of Asian American struggle

This one-hour class focuses on Asian American resistance to oppression, from Ir Won Keun to the struggle to defend the I-hotel.

Walter Rodney’s revolutionary praxis: An interview with Devyn Springer

Popular educator Devyn Springer examines Walter Rodney's revolutionary theories, pedagogies, and struggles.

Reading Kelley’s “Hammer and hoe” as organizers today

"Hammer and Hoe" offers a list of lessons reflecting every stage of struggle, from initial community engagement to growth and success to defeat and decline.

Assata Shakur: The making of a revolutionary woman

From Assata’s story, we are able to learn what it means to be motivated by a deep love for the people and the struggle for freedom.

What is imperialism? An introduction

This introductory article examines Marx's analysis of colonialism and the transition from colonialism to imperialism.

Paulo Freire’s centennial: Political pedagogy for revolutionary organizations

Freire's pedagogical theories were developed for revolutionary organizations to connect leadership with the broader masses.

Relative surplus value: The class struggle intensifies

With the production of relative surplus value, capitalism as a mode of production comes to stand on its own.