Fundamentals of Marxism

Fundamentals of Marxism
Paris Commune barricade, April 1871. Source: Wikicommons.

What is democracy?

The word “democracy” comes from the Greek words “demos”—the people—and “kratos”—rule, and therefore means “rule of the people.” As a political form, it is commonly understood as majority rule.
Economics of Capitalism
Workers protest in Boston

All capitalism is wage theft

In mid-March, workers at McDonald’s in California, New York and Michigan filed lawsuits against the corporation for wage theft. The lawsuits reveal a clear pattern of abuse: paying below minimum wage; not paying legally required overtime; making workers ...
Black Liberation

What is national oppression?

Oppression and exploitation are basic features of capitalist society. Workers are paid wages while the capitalist owners make profits from the products created by those who work. This is the essence of economic exploitation. Almost ...

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