Surplus value is the class struggle: An introduction

surplus value isn't an economic concept; it's the real motor of class struggle.

Revolutionary Friedrich Engels at 200

On the bicentenary of his birth, Friedrich Engels remains a towering figure in the history of the struggle for socialism.

What is the capitalist class? An introduction

This article introduces the Marxist understanding of the capitalist class, its relationship to the state, and what prevents workers from overthrowing the capitalists.

The Marxist Doctrine: An overview by Lenin

A clear overview of Marxism, this is part of an encyclopedia entry on Marx that Lenin wrote in 1914.

Engels on the housing question: Wishful thinking vs. real solutions

During a moment in which millions of workers in the U.S. have been thrown out of work as a result of the intersection of the Covid-19 pandemic and an overdue capitalist economic crisis, Engels’ 1872 pamphlet, “The Housing Question,” bears particular import.

What is democracy?

The word “democracy” comes from the Greek words “demos”—the people—and “kratos”—rule, and therefore means “rule of the people.” As a political form, it is commonly understood as majority rule.

What is the working class?

The Marxist outlook is based on the irreconcilable conflict between the working class (the proletariat) and the ruling capitalist class (the bourgeoisie). But how do we determine which people belong to which class?
A study group at Highlander taking place outside. A Black man seated in a chair is speaking as a small multinational group listens, sitting in a circle.

What is dialectical materialism? An introduction

After the deaths of Marx and Engels, socialists began taking up the important task of summarizing their work for popularization....

6 ways socialism is superior to capitalism

How would socialism address the terrible problems of capitalist society? The following is an edited version of a talk given by Brian Becker, a member...

What is capitalism?

Today, there is an enormous economic gap between the rich and the poor. According to the International Labor Organization, "one billion people are unemployed or underemployed" worldwide.