The war against Libya in historical perspective

The global imperialist order that took shape in the 1880s and continues today is the greatest violator of human rights everywhere.

Raising consciousness in the antiwar movement

The following is the full text of the speech prepared for the Left Forum at the Great Hall of Cooper Union in New York City on March 11, 2006. Becker participated in the panel “Debating Strategies in the U.

The real story of the U.S. occupation of Syria: The historical,...

In this episode episode of The Socialist Program, a podcast providing news and views about the world for...

The Legacy of the Grenadian Revolution Lives On

The following article is republished from Invent the Future with the permission of the author.   “The Grenada Revolution was a grasp of joy …...

Libya and the united front

We hope that an explicit articulation of our points of unity about the bombing of Libya will clarify the issues, stimulating the level of mass activity required to build a movement opposing imperialist intervention.

What is imperialism? An introduction

This introductory article examines Marx's analysis of colonialism and the transition from colonialism to imperialism.

The real agenda of the Gates Foundation

In 2009 the self-designated “Good Club” – a gathering of the world’s wealthiest people whose collective net worth then totaled some $125 billion – met behind closed doors in New York City to discuss a coordinated response to threats posed by the global financial crisis.

Kyrgyzstan: The national question and imperialism

The Central Asian Republic of Kyrgyzstan has been the scene of a bloody conflict since June 10. Estimates of the casualties vary widely, with the country's interim president estimating up to 2,000 deaths.

When justifying imperialist intervention “goes wrong”

A response to left/liberal justification for imperialist intervention in Libya and Syria.

Korea crisis: From 1994 until today

In 1994, war between the United States and North Korea was narrowly averted by a high-level diplomatic effort undertaken by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. Carter held face-to face talks with North Korean President Kim Il Sung.