A history of LGBTQ workers’ struggles

Decades of fighting discrimination on the job On February 16, 1991 when Cheryl Summerville was called into the manager’s office, she had already heard that...

The fight over Chelsea Manning with the SF Pride Board

Support for Manning reflects anti-war sentiment Chelsea Manning, a U.S. army soldier and anti-war activist who faces life in prison for exposing war crimes committed...

Responding to hate crimes: from protest to resistance

The killing of Mark Carson, a 32-year-old gay man from Harlem, in the early morning hours of May 18, in the heart of Greenwich...

“Our armies are rising:” Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson

In the pantheon of figures in the history of LGBTQ struggles, few stand higher than Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera.

30 years after the Dade County struggle for LGBT rights

Every June, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community celebrates the ongoing struggle for full equality and liberation. It is a time when we assess where we are as a community and movement by looking back and analyzing past struggles to better plan future victories.

Before Stonewall: The LGBTQ movement behind Compton’s Cafeteria riot

in 1966, courageous fighters ushered in a new wave of militant, class-conscious queer organizing.

The 1969 Stonewall rebellion and lessons for today

The Stonewall uprising that began on June 27, 1969, in New York City was a shot that rang out around the world. It marked the arrival of the mass movement for equality for lesbians, gay men, transgender and bisexual men and women.

Trans people fight back on many fronts

The LGBTQ struggle has a basic unity in the fight to overturn oppression based on sexual orientation & patriarchal gender norms. But while “lesbian” “gay” & “bisexual” describe a sexual orientation, “trans” describes a gender identity.

Solidarity is the key to advancing LGBT rights

This June, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender movement marks the 37th anniversary of the June 27, 1969 Stonewall Rebellion. Millions of LGBT people, friends and supporters everywhere will be marching, rallying and celebrating the struggle for LGBT liberation.

The AIDS fight back: reflection from a revolutionary

I remember in the 1980s having to sneak into the hospital to be with my partner, lover, best friend, when he lay dying. Obviously,...