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Rebellion and repression: capitalism’s long hot summer begins

To the emerging generation of revolutionaries who are looking to build this type of organization, we offer our experiences building the PSL and our lessons from studying other revolutions.

Program of the Party for Socialism and Liberation

There are only two choices for humanity today: an increasingly destructive capitalism, or socialism. The only solution to the evils of capitalism is the socialist transformation of society.

Why we’re running in the 2020 elections

The Party for Socialism and Liberation is running to offer a genuine socialist alternative, continue to popularize socialism as the only viable alternative to capitalism and its ills, and to build the movement for revolution in the United States.

Social media and democratic centralism: Opportunities and challenges

Liberation Audio · Social media and democratic centralism: Opportunities and challenges The following is an edited version of an internal document...

The Leninist party in history and the present

Editor's note: This essay examines the theory and practice of the Leninist party from the time of Lenin until...

Interview with Gloria La Riva: ‘the fog of anti-communism is lifting’

Republished from Independent Political Report Gloria Estela La Riva, a labor, community, and anti-war activist based in San Francisco, is running for president under the...

Theory and revolution: Addressing the break of ideological continuity

Editor's note: This document was initially circulated within our Party in advance of our 3rd Party Congress in April 2016...

Reviving the communist movement: Building organization in 2016

Editor's note: The following is part of an internal document circulated by the Central Committee of the PSL...

Winning the battle against anti-communism

The capitalists’ ideological weapon against the working class In 2012, the dictionary site Merriam-Webster announced that the words most looked up that year were “socialism”...

Building democratic centralism: stages of Party growth and internal development

For revolutionaries, the organizational question is critically important.