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Statements and analysis from the Party for Socialism and Liberation

How can we make a revolution? Lessons of Egypt and Occupy

Without mass struggle, there is no hope for real change. But activism and struggle alone are not enough to achieve socialism. What is also essential is a revolutionary communist party.

A party of action: Building the people­’s movements in the...

Action is the key to progress, the only way to defeat right-wing policies and win rights, and ultimately to achieve the liberation of humanity through socialism.

For the defense of China against counterrevolution, imperialist intervention and dismemberment

The following document is the result of almost two years of deliberation and discussion by members of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. It...

Founding statement of the Party for Socialism and Liberation

(August 1, 2004) We are in a period where the world’s poor and working people are waging heroic struggles against imperialist war and exploitation. Millions of...