Paulo Freire’s centennial: Political pedagogy for revolutionary organizations

Freire's pedagogical theories were developed for revolutionary organizations to connect leadership with the broader masses.

Culture as a weapon of class warfare: An interview with Claudia...

Claudia De La Cruz and Gabriel Rockhill discuss the role of culture in the revolutionary movement.

How to really avoid a climate disaster: A response to Bill...

Gates' book will be consulted by many who genuinely want to solve the climate crisis, and it's crucial we're able to respond to its inherent deception.

Marx’s pedagogies then and now: Research and presentation

This paper draws out two distinct pedagogies Marx articulated and practiced: research and presentation.

Amílcar Cabral: Liberator, theorist, and educator

On the 48th anniversary of his assassination, we revisit and explore Cabral's contributions to revolutionary struggle, theory, and education.

Antonio Gramsci: A communist revolutionary, organizer, and theorist

Providing an introduction to Gramsci’s life, context, and key ideas for a new emerging layer of “organic intellectuals.”

Comrades: Made, not born

Liberation Audio · Comrades: Made, Not Born All revolutionary politics are predicated on revolutionary optimism: the belief, rooted in experiences in the struggle,...

Dual power, base building, and serving the people in the U.S....

This article responds to recent distortions in the concept of dual power in the movement, providing historical, political, and strategical context to it.

Militant journalism: The role of journalism in class society and revolution

Frank González, of Prensa Latina, discusses the considerations journalism's role in revolution.

Why we’re running in the 2020 elections

The Party for Socialism and Liberation is running to offer a genuine socialist alternative, continue to popularize socialism as the only viable alternative to capitalism and its ills, and to build the movement for revolution in the United States.