Anniversary of Berlin Wall demise gives workers no reason to cheer

The results of a BBC poll, released Nov. 9 in the midst of the Berlin Wall media circus, found that only 11 percent of people globally believe free market capitalism "works well." The poll helps get to the truth behind the pageantry and propaganda put forward by the capitalist establishment and its media mouthpieces.

Rebellion and repression: capitalism’s long hot summer begins

To the emerging generation of revolutionaries who are looking to build this type of organization, we offer our experiences building the PSL and our lessons from studying other revolutions.

Dual power, base building, and serving the people in the U.S....

This article responds to recent distortions in the concept of dual power in the movement, providing historical, political, and strategical context to it.

A chronology of class struggle in China

1839-42: First Opium War. British imported tea from China, and in return exported opium from India into China. In 1839, the Chinese government destroys 20,000 chests of British opium and prohibits its use.

From rage to rebellion — to revolution

This statement is being distributed in the streets of Ferguson and St. Louis. All the politicians are calling for calm and peace. Fighting back in...

How will the police be abolished? A Marxist perspective

12 points on the U.S. state and the necessity of revolution 1. The Party for Socialism and Liberation stands...

A time to revive socialism in the United States: report on...

The tasks of the delegates to the Congress include setting the Party's policy and determining strategy and tactics for the next period.