Paulo Freire’s centennial: Political pedagogy for revolutionary organizations

Freire's pedagogical theories were developed for revolutionary organizations to connect leadership with the broader masses.

Marx’s pedagogies then and now: Research and presentation

This paper draws out two distinct pedagogies Marx articulated and practiced: research and presentation.

Amílcar Cabral: Liberator, theorist, and educator

On the 48th anniversary of his assassination, we revisit and explore Cabral's contributions to revolutionary struggle, theory, and education.

Comrades: Made, not born

Liberation Audio · Comrades: Made, Not Born All revolutionary politics are predicated on revolutionary optimism: the belief, rooted in experiences in the struggle,...

Vygotsky’s revolutionary educational psychology

The name Lev Vygotsky (1896-1934) is commonplace in the field of education. Ask any teacher or professor of education about...

“Left-wing” communism and the movement today

It's essential for Marxists--and anyone on the Left--to firmly grasp the lessons of Lenin's "Left-Wing" Communism and how those lessons relate to our the tasks...