Socialism lays basis for a new stage of human history

The PSL’s program for women’s and LGBTQ liberation Karl Marx, the founder of scientific socialism, once wrote that the socialist stage is the beginning of...

Mother Jones: Union organizer, revolutionary agitator

West Virginia district attorney Reese Blizzard dubbed Mary Harris "Mother" Jones, "the most dangerous woman in America.

The history of IWD: Women’s power is people’s power!

March 8 marks the 99th anniversary of International Women’s Day. The date honors the economic, political and social achievements of working-class women worldwide. The first International Women’s Day was celebrated in the United States on Feb.

Assata Shakur, woman warrior

Understanding the FBI's recent attacks On May 2, the Federal Bureau of Investigation suddenly announced that they had placed Assata Shakur on its “Most Wanted...

Gabriela Silang: Anti-colonial fighter in the Philippines

Filipino women have a long struggle against oppression, foreign control and male domination.

Silvia Federici: The exploitation of women and the development of capitalism

Critically engaging Federici's claims, this article evaluates the extent to which she departs from, critiques, or builds on Marxism.

A women’s demonstration, two revolutions, and the birth of a socialist...

We must not underestimate the immense revolutionary power of women to ignite, fight, and win.

The untold side of second wave feminism: a multinational, politically diverse...

This article originally appeared as chapter 8  Donna Goodman’s Women Fight Back: The Centuries-Long Struggle for Liberation, published through Liberation Media and available for...

From abolition to Title IX: Women’s fight for education

As women achieve more educational access, they can use the skills, lessons and tools that they learn to continue the struggle.

Nadezhda Krupskaya: Revolutionary woman and educator

­­­Nadezhda Krupskaya was a Russian Bolshevik revolutionary. A feminist who contributed to the women's question, Krupskaya was also involved in establishing International Women’s Day....