Celebrating International Women’s Day

To commemorate International Women’s Day, we publishe excerpts from Kollontai’s 1920 article, "International Women’s Day," written just over two years after the October 1917 socialist revolution in Russia.

A women’s demonstration, two revolutions, and the birth of a socialist...

We must not underestimate the immense revolutionary power of women to ignite, fight, and win.

Can sexism be eliminated under capitalism?

How can women be liberated from the many bonds of sexism in U.S. society? For well over a century, powerful women leaders and mass...

Socialist revolution and women’s liberation

This article first appeared in March 2005's Socialism and Liberation magazine. In 1949, the story of a young woman named "Gold Flower" became known around the world as an example of the path toward liberation taken by millions of Chinese women.

The revolutionary role of women in Cuba

“Revolution within the Revolution.” This is what Cuba calls the struggle for women’s equality. This phrase is used because even though the social system and economic conditions in Cuba were fundamentally transformed by the revolution, social relations could not be completely changed overnight.