The U.S. “justice system:” Sanctuaries of sexual abuse

Women have long testified to a culture of rampant abuse in jails and prisons, under police custody, that suggests the U.S. justice system as a whole functions as a sanctuary for abuse.

More than survival: the struggle for women’s healthcare

Since the somewhat surprising election of Donald Trump, the Trump administration, the Republican Party and other reactionary forces have been salivating over the destruction...

No Borders in the Women’s Liberation Struggle

There are millions of immigrant workers in the United States. The United States economy is entirely dependent on the work of immigrant and U.S.-born...

A socialist perspective on ending women’s oppression

United, anti-capitalist struggle The following is based on a talk presented at the Socialist Women’s Conference in New York City on Feb. 11, 2007, hosted...

Claims of ‘women’s power’ ring hollow under capitalism

In November 2009, the first lady of California and the Center for American Progress published "The Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation Changes Everything.