There are times when solidarity appears more important than ever. When things are tough, we need comrades who will have our backs. This three-part course examines political solidarity by focusing on comradeship as the relation between those on the same side of a political struggle. Taught by political theorist and organizer Jodi Dean, this course draws on ideas developed in her recent book, Comrade: An essay on political belonging (Verso, 2019), and discusses what it means to be a comrade, the difference between comrades and allies, the importance of comrades for political struggle, and how to maintain comradeship.

Each class is facilitated by Nino Brown, and begins with a lecture by Dean, which is followed by a moderated question and answer period.

This second class, which was recorded on April 8, 2020, examines the relations entailed in comradeship. Comrade names a relation of equality; one that is open and flexible but predicated on taking a side in the class struggle; one that is different from (but not irreconcilable with) friendship, citizenship, and identity; and one that is organized around fighting for a communist future.

The reading for the class can be found here.

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