Study Guides

Study guide: What is to be done?

Published in 1902, What is to be done? Burning questions of our movement, is Lenin's argument for a distinct kind of revolutionary organization, and is...

Study guide: The right of nations to self-determination

Lenin wrote The Right of Nations to Self-Determination in early 1914 to address the relationship between socialist struggle and national liberation, a key debate...

Study guide: The communist manifesto

Karl Marx and Frederick Engels wrote The Communist Manifesto as “a complete theoretical and practical party program” for the initially German-based, and then international, Communist...

Black Liberation

Celebrating International Women’s Day

To commemorate International Women’s Day, we publishe excerpts from Kollontai’s 1920 article, "International Women’s Day," written just over two years after the October 1917 socialist revolution in Russia.

A women’s demonstration, two revolutions, and the birth of a socialist...

We must not underestimate the immense revolutionary power of women to ignite, fight, and win.

Social reproduction: A theoretical framework with organizing potential

A social reproduction framework helps us to remember that when we talk about class struggle, we must be concerned not only with the relation of workers and owners at the point of production, but also with the social relations that make and remake those workers and owners.