Eight myths about socialism–and their answers

The word socialism has become more and more common. Usually, it's used negatively and in almost all situations the politician or commentator uttering the word either has no idea what it means or is being intentionally misleading.

What is the real legacy of the Soviet Union? An overview

The first time the people had the power The capitalist class and its well-paid intellectuals and pundits continue to argue that the fall of the...

Relative surplus value: The class struggle intensifies

With the production of relative surplus value, capitalism as a mode of production comes to stand on its own.

The goal of socialism: Peace and equality amid plenty

What will socialist society look like? The earliest pioneers of scientific socialism—Karl Marx and Frederick Engels—did not philosophize about what socialism and communism would look...

What is a revolution?

You can find the word “revolution” in nearly every section of the newspaper. Innovative movies are declared “revolutions” in filmmaking. Great advances in science are deemed “revolutionary.

What is alienation?

When Karl Marx published “The Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844,” he set out to outline the process by which the capitalist mode of production exploits workers.

What is the working class?

The Marxist outlook is based on the irreconcilable conflict between the working class (the proletariat) and the ruling capitalist class (the bourgeoisie). But how do we determine which people belong to which class?

What is capitalism?

Today, there is an enormous economic gap between the rich and the poor. According to the International Labor Organization, "one billion people are unemployed or underemployed" worldwide.

What is imperialism? An introduction

This introductory article examines Marx's analysis of colonialism and the transition from colonialism to imperialism.
A study group at Highlander taking place outside. A Black man seated in a chair is speaking as a small multinational group listens, sitting in a circle.

What is dialectical materialism? An introduction

After the deaths of Marx and Engels, socialists began taking up the important task of summarizing their work for popularization....