Course description: The U.S. economy is experiencing an intense economic crash. Despite what mainstream pundits say, the crash isn’t just the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this nine-part course, we’ll get at some of the root causes of the crisis by collectively studying the first volume of Karl Marx’s Capital: A Critique of Political Economy. Originally published in 1867, the book remains a key resource for understanding the ins and outs of capitalism. Marx wrote the book to provide a theoretical weapon for the working class and oppressed. While the book is long and some parts are quite complicated, it’s one every worker can understand through careful reading and collective discussion.

The book is available online for free here. This is the International Publishers version, which is the original English translation of the book. The other main version is from Penguin. Either version is acceptable. The class will generally include page numbers from the online PDF, the International Publishers, and the Penguin editions.

Class 1: Prefaces and afterwords
Class 2: Chapter 1 (Commodities)
Class 3: Chapters 2-3 (Exchange and Money)
Class 4: Chapters 4-9 (Capital and Labor-Power)
Class 5: Chapters 10-14 (The Working Day and Relative Surplus-Value)
Class 6: Chapter 15 (Machinery, Technology, and Class Struggle)
Class 7: Chapters 16-24 (Surplus Value, Wages, and Simple Reproduction)
Class 8: Chapter 25 (The General Law of Capitalist Accumulation)
Class 9: Chapters 26-33 (Primitive Accumulation and Colonialism)

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