How Vietnam defeated U.S. imperialism

On April 30, 2015, Vietnam will celebrate the 40th anniversary of liberation and reunification after a war that itself lasted more than 30 years. In...

New PSL Publication: ‘Imperialism in the 21st Century’

Updating Lenin's Theory A Century Later Order Your Copy Today!   Over 1,000 military bases in foreign lands. Armed personnel in 130 countries. A military budget larger...

What’s behind Boko Haram massacre in Nigeria?

While this most recent tragedy did not gain the wattage of the killings at Charlie Hebdo, it does fit into the same narrative of "Islamic" insurgency presenting an existential threat to all people in Western countries.

Exposed: Three USAID plots to destabilize Cuba

1) ZunZuneo Ever since the people’s victory in 1959, U.S. imperialism has made it a top priority to overthrow the Cuban Revolution and bring back...

The real agenda of the Gates Foundation

In 2009 the self-designated “Good Club” – a gathering of the world’s wealthiest people whose collective net worth then totaled some $125 billion – met behind closed doors in New York City to discuss a coordinated response to threats posed by the global financial crisis.

What or who will #BringBackOurGirls?

Like many of the humanitarian crises in Africa that have become international campaigns, this situation has significant roots which Western military intervention cannot solve and will only exacerbate.

The Legacy of the Grenadian Revolution Lives On

The following article is republished from Invent the Future with the permission of the author.   “The Grenada Revolution was a grasp of joy …...

Imperialism, the Islamic State and the Policy of Endless War

Why we are marching in Washington, D.C., on Saturday March 21, 2015, to say NO to authorization for new war in Iraq and Syria On...

Nelson Mandela: Armed struggle and communism in the fight for freedom

Nelson Mandela, longtime leader of the African National Congress, and first Black president of South Africa, died quietly in his home December 5, after...

Remembering Gen. Giap

Vietnamese Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap who helped defeat Japan, then France, then the United States in a 35-year war for national independence, died in Hanoi on Oct. 4 at the age of 102.