Palestine, Israel, and the U.S. Empire (audio book)

If you think the Israel-Palestine conflict is too complex to understand, think again. Listen to this free audio book for a partisan yet objective analysis of the struggle!

Massacres were indispensable to creation of the Israeli state

Editor's note: We're republishing this article from 2018 to provide context to the ongoing Israeli massacre against the...

Palestinian women: the backbone of resistance

Based on a talk delivered by Eman Khaleq at a meeting of the Union of Palestinian American Women on Nov. 7 Lately we’ve been seeing...

The long history of Black and Palestinian solidarity

International solidarity in the face of racism The acquittal of racist murderer George Zimmerman sparked outrage and demonstrations not only in the United States, but...

Leila Khaled: Palestinian fighter, Marxist revolutionary

This article is part of PSL's revolutionary women series.