Class: The legacy of Asian American struggle

This one-hour class focuses on Asian American resistance to oppression, from Ir Won Keun to the struggle to defend the I-hotel.

China’s foreign policy (1949-today): A 7-part podcast series

This series examines the history of China's foreign policy since the 1949 revolution brought the Communist Party to power.

Fascism and global class struggle: A 4-part PSL course

This 4-part video and audio course studies the history of fascism to help us, as organizers, fight it.

Black struggle is class struggle: A 4-part PSL course

This PSL course focuses on Black Revolutionary History in the United States and its central role in the development of U.S. society today.

Reading Capital with Comrades: A Liberation School podcast series

Liberation School is proud to release our new podcast series, "Reading Capital with Comrades." The series--which is now available on Spotify, Soundcloud,...

Climate Solutions Beyond Capitalism: A 4-part PSL course

As the climate crisis intensifies globally with increasing wildfires, droughts, floods, and extreme weather events, poor and oppressed communities bear the brunt...

PSL Course: Marx’s “Capital” (vol. 1)

Course description: The first volume of Karl Marx's Capital: A Critique of Political Economy, which was originally published in 1867, remains a...

5-part class: From opium wars to trade wars: China’s long path...

Course description: As China’s global rise rivals U.S. hegemony, the number one priority of U.S. foreign policy is to wage a demonization...

Comrade: A 3-part PSL course

Taught by political theorist and organizer Jodi Dean, this course discusses what it means to be a comrade, the difference between comrades and allies, the importance of comrades for political struggle, and how to maintain comradeship.