Marx’s “Capital:” Class 3 (Exchange and money)

In class 3, we take up exchange and money, where the C-M-C circuit makes its first appearance.

Marx’s “Capital:” Class 2 (Commodities)

Class 2 covers the first chapter on "commodities," where Marx begins laying the conceptual building blocks for his investigation.

Marx’s “Capital:” Class 1

The first class in our 9-part course

China class 5: China and the Global South

The final class analyzes China's internationalist orientation, specifically its contemporary relationship with the Global South, and its struggle for territorial integrity.

China class 4: Is China capitalist? Class description: This week’s class discusses the development and status of China's economy. The first...

China class 3: Twin tasks of the revolution (1949-1979)

The third class covers the first 30 years of the People’s Republic, the period of the initial construction of socialism and the two-line struggle.

China class 2: National liberation and class struggle (1919-1949)

This second class covers the 30 years of the struggle for national liberation and socialism that took place between 1919 and 1949.

China class 1: From Imperial China to the Century of Humiliation...

The first class traces the decline of the ancient imperial order in China under the combined attacks of Western imperialism and domestic rebellion.

Nadezhda Krupskaya: Revolutionary woman and educator

­­­Nadezhda Krupskaya was a Russian Bolshevik revolutionary. A feminist who contributed to the women's question, Krupskaya was also involved in establishing International Women’s Day....

Production, overproduction and overproduction crises

Author’s note: The following article was mostly written before Donald Trump became president-elect. His electoral victory if anything strengthens the thesis presented that imperialist...