The revolutionary role of women in Cuba

“Revolution within the Revolution.” This is what Cuba calls the struggle for women’s equality. This phrase is used because even though the social system and economic conditions in Cuba were fundamentally transformed by the revolution, social relations could not be completely changed overnight.

Remembering Coretta Scott King

On Jan. 31, Coretta Scott King passed away at age 78. She was a leader within the Civil Rights movement, a woman who fought for economic and social justice for the Black community, the LGBT community and poor and working people.

Rosa Luxemburg: an example of revolutionary struggle

Luxemburg, along with her comrade Karl Liebknecht, were leaders of the revolutionary Spartacus League in Germany.

Medicine, the ‘pill’ and the struggle for reproductive rights

Suzanne Richards went to a pharmacy in Laconia, New Hampshire to fill a prescription for emergency contraception and was told that the pharmacist would not fill it, nor would he direct her to a pharmacist who would.